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Friday, January 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The presence of Ravan in the show

Ravan is typically shown in any show about the Ramayana, or any other story about Lord Rama. But a number of people forget that Ravan was a very devout Shiv bhakt, and so it is natural than any story about Lord Shiva will show the presence of Ravan. And so the story of Mahadev is starting to show Ravan.
In the meantime, the story also shows the interaction between Mahadev and Goddess Parvathi. There was a lot of trouble in the relationship since the conflict between Karthikeyan and Ganesha was ongoing (there was even a race between them to see who could make rounds of the earth 3 times faster, and even though Karthikeyan though he could win the race easily, Ganesh took the more clever route and did 3 rounds of his parents rather than what Karthikeyan did, and since doing a round of parents was equivalent to doing a round of the world, Ganesh was deemed to be superior).
After this, both Karthikeyan and Ganesh had left Kailash, and Parvathi appealed to Mahadev to get them back. Mahadev had stated that both of them need some time, and he cannot do anything right away, which made Goddess Parvathi very angry and she told Mahadev that he also need not come to Kailash till the children are back. However, soon after, Lord Vishnu counseled Karthikeyan and finally peace was back in Kailash, but there still remains some amount of tension in Kailash since Goddess Parvathi continues to believe that Mahadev has not recognized that he now has a family and behave accordingly, and that he still continue to lead a life of detachment.
On the other side, Ravan is doing a penance to Lord Brahma, and the power of his penance is shaking God Indira's abode. He says that he will do something about it, although he is warned that he really cannot do much about what Ravan wants. He tries, and then gets the wind god to try, but they are not able to shake the prayers being done by Ravan. They go running to Lord Brahma to get him not to give any special blessing to Ravan, but Lord Brahma tells Indira that he has not really done anything that was good, his acts were bad by themselves, and he should not cast aspersions on the trinity about what they are doing.

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