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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Naitik very angry since he feels family is stopping him

For some time, while the real life actor playing Naitik was getting married, the serial lowered the load on him by showing him as getting married. However, now that he has more time on his hands and is back from the marriage, Naitik is shown as getting up from the coma. However, unlike in the movies where a person can get up from a coma and start doing physical fighting, the serial shows the reality that is there for a person coming up from a coma. The body is very weak, muscles have not been used for years, and there is a lot of scope for the person to suffer from injuries and a bad health unless they take it easy and wait for health and strength to build up.
That is what the doctor has advised, and hence the family members want to ensure that Naitik is kept away from major work till the health has stabilized and the body is feeling better. But, at the same time, Naitik is seeing that he is resting at the house while everybody else is doing things. Akshara is doing the work in the office that he should be doing, his mother and Akshara are spending time on taking care of Naitik and he is feeling like that they are treating him like a baby.
The biggest problem would be with regard to Duggu; he has never seen his father in action, and now that the father is there, the father wants to act like a father. However, at the same time Duggu is able to see how other children have fun with their fathers, play with them, and so on, and is wondering what is wrong with his father. Naitik is able to feel this and is getting more impatient; he also sees that Duggu has got spoilt due to the attention paid by Gayathri, and does not listen easily.
So, Naitik decides to go one day with Duggu to a cricket match, and then when his mother gets to know about this, she gets Mohit to call Naitik and tell him that the match is canceled. Naitik tells Duggu, who is upset, but both of them get very upset that the match was not canceled, and when Naitik gets to know that it was his mother who had got Mohit to call and lie to him that the match was canceled; he is also upset with Akshara and starts being quiet, while Duggu feels even further that his father will not be able to go with him anywhere.

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