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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Anandi manages to conflict at Sakranti

Anandi is in a difficult position. She has 2 sets of inlaws, having been sent from one house where her husband had deserted her and then they had got divorced, to another house where she had arrived as a divorcee, with many people from society not very happy about Shiv having married a divorcee. In fact, Shiv's sister, Sanchi, was astounded why her smart brother had married such a downmarket village girl who was not in the least bit sophisticated, and showed her displeasure a number of time. However, the rest of the family was very happy with the morals and attitude of Anandi and welcomed her a lot. However, this aspect of moving from one very loving house to another one meant that some of the attachment to the older house would reduce, and this can take some getting used to, especially since her new household would want to ensure that Anandi is focused on this house, being the daughter-in-law of this house.
So, the first such occasion was the time of Sakranti, where it was expected that Anandi would be spending time with Shiv's family. However, there was tension interjected into the atmosphere when Dadisa wanted Anandi to spend Sakranti at their house along with Shiv and the others, and Choti Ma also agreed. Anandi's mom-in-law was upset with whatever happened since she wanted Anandi to spend the Sakranti in their house, given that this was the first Sakranti after the marriage and it would be a grand occasion. So when she heard that Anandi and Shiv would not be coming, she was upset and even conveyed the same to Choti Ma and Anandi even while telling them that she accepted this. It goes much to show how much Choti Ma had turned that she was defending Anandi and praising the abilities of Anandi.
It is at this time that Anandi did what would seem like a good solution, in terms of being able to be at both houses. First they went to Anandi's inlaws, surprising her mother-in-law when they entered the house and ensuring that everybody was happy over there; and the next movement would be going to Jagya's house later in the afternoon. When Anandi called Dadisa to tell her that Anandi would be late, Daidisa in fact told Anandi that she understood that this was Anandi's first Sakranti over there, and maybe Anandi should stay there, since that would be the expectation. But Anandi handled this.

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