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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Balrak makes his move, finally killed by his former wife

The serial was highlighting the emergence of Balraj, the father of Trishna and Madhu and the ex-wife of Padmini, who suddenly came back into the lives of all these people. Many many years back, Balraj used to torture his wife and also treated his daughters very badly, and finally they managed to escape from his with the help of Malick. And then, when RK was looking for somebody to do the production of a movie which would launch Trishna (and do it in a way that Trishna would not know that it was RK who was behind all this), he and his assistant Bitto found Balraj who was a maverick (although they do not know his background, not is it shown as to why specifically Balraj was suitable for this role). He is almost shown to be out of control, once even eating the food prepared by Madhu for RK, something for which RK was very angry, but at the same time, showing Balraj as not really caring about what others (even including the superstar RK) think about his actions.
Next, Madhu and RK plan a technique that will finally bring Padmini and Malick much closer to each other, to the extent that they will finally decide to get married (something which they initially oppose); in the course of this effort, RK falsely tells Padmini that something has happened to Malick, and for which he gets slapped by Padmini (and the others are shocked, since they cannot visualize somebody slapping the superstar RK). However, RK keeps at it and finally they agree to get married, making everybody else very happy as well.
In the meantime, Balraj gets to know about this marriage and decides that he must also get involved, since he cannot visualize something like this happening; just before the marriage, Padmini has a nightmare where Balraj lands up in the house and kills Malick and then kills the others. However, she wakes up, and is very scared about this.
Roma gets to see Balraj dressed as if he is going for a marriage, but is kidnapped before she can warn the others. Balraj finally goes to the marriage location with his hoodlums, and pulls off a few stunts and then the police gets there and stops everything. RK also gets injured in all this activity. However, even when the police has caught him, Balraj manages to get hold of a gun and puts it to the head of Madhu, and is then shot by Padmini. Since she has shot Balraj, the police arrest Padmini while RK needs to be taken to hospital because of the blood loss. However, in the court case, the entire history of Balraj is laid out and Padmini is exonerated in terms of self defense.

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