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Monday, September 9, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - Sultan over, RK banned by Producers Association

The serial gave no respite between one story and the next one. So RK just finally managed to get over the issue of Sultan through a thrilling kind of event. For quite some time, RK was under a lot of threat because of Sultan. In fact, Sultan had threatened Madhu that unless she left RK and came to Sultan, he would kill RK and should could believe it since Sultan did seem like that kind of person. So, she started acting strange, finally telling RK that she was actually for Sultan and hence she wanted a divorce. And of course Dipali was very happy since that meant Madhu would be out of RK's life and she could again get together with RK. RK was shocked at what Madhu was telling him, but over a period of time he realized that there was something wrong in all this and something is strange. He refuses to give her a divorce, and then finally Madhu admits the truth to him. In the meantime, Radha is also getting very confused about this strange behaviour of Madhu and is getting angry at her.
Now, they make a plan. This will have to be the finale plan, where they need to ensure that the police catch Sultan before he can escape again, else both Madhu's and RK's life will be in danger. And even though they know that Dipali is up to no good, she remains in the house and continues to be in touch with Sultan, revealing whatever she knows. Finally the scene shifts to a celebration where the plan is that Sultan will get hold of Madhu and finally the police can find Sultan and they can end up everything. In the end, even though Dipali tries to help Sultan, they finally find Sultan and RK is able to shoot him after Sultan has managed to shoot the police officer in a limb. The police accuse Dipali of working along with Sultan, but Madhu and RK manage to save her by saying that they believe in her.
The next problem that occurs is when a producer, Amar comes to their house when they are having a pooja. The pooja gets interrupted because the producer is very angry about his film not yet completed because of RK being so busy in other things, and then accuses Madhu of diverting RK by having an affair with a gangster. RK is very angry at that, and the producer says that unless RK shows up early the next morning, he will destroy RK.
So, the next series of events is about RK facing problems as a superstar; Kuku is back as the head of the Producer's association and works with Amar to ensure that RK is blacklisted and no producer or other cine worker can work with him. RK dismisses this and states that since he has the love of the fans, nothing can happen to him and says that he will produce a film himself. He launches a film with Bittoji helping to provide financing for the film. He ropes in a leading lady played by Anita Hassandani, but unknown to him, she has been in touch with Amar and she will no longer play a role in his film. In the end, Madhu will play the female lead and will become a superstar because of this movie.

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