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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Andhak moves forward, Ram on the verge of his exile

As usual, the serial continues to ensure that it keeps on moving fast in the story and not letting people get bored (while so many stories continue to remain slow and start boring people who have so many alternatives nowadays). The 2 stories that have been ongoing right now are the story of Andhak and the story of Ram, and you would expect the story of Ram to be a bigger story, since it is also the story where the defeat of Ravan happens.
So, the story of Andhak is the story where this guy will be a great warrior, but evil in all ways. As Mahadev explained, Andhak was born when Mahadev's eyes were closed by Parvathi for a brief instant, and in that time, when there was darkness everywhere, Andhak was born. He was born blind and adopted by a passing king and his wife. However, soon after, the king had natural children and his affection for this blind boy started reducing. The boy was also taunted by his other half-brothers, who made fun of his blindness and did not give him any love or affection, which in turn further increased his evilness. All this while, Mahadev knew where this was leading.
Finally Andhak, when older was paid a visit by Narad Muni who was trying to set him on a path where he would be trying to tough prayer to Brahmadev, but Andhak took this seriously and started some intense prayers to Brahma, and finally Brahma had to come and be pleased with his prayers (after Andhak started sacrificing his body as a part of prayers). But the boons that Andhak took from Brahma showed that he was on the path of more evil, since he got a boon from Brahma to get extremely strong ear power, he could immediately understand everything that was going around due to his hearing. And then the other thing was that his death was made more difficult since it would only happen when he asked for sight, which Andhak thought could never happen. Soon after, he had a fight with his brothers where he defeated them and then imprisoned them and his parents and took over. Now, Mahadev met him, but he was stuck on going on the path he was taking.
On the other side, in Ayodhya, things were going fine. Ram had grown older and his father, king Dashrath, wanted to ensure that he finally placed Ram on the throne succession and was going to announce the same. However, this was not the right thing since the mission of Ram was to kill Ravan, and so every god wanted to ensure that Ram did not take the throne and instead setout on a mission where he could finally kill Ravan. So, since Manthra was there to sway Queen Kaikeyi, she finally managed to persuade the queen that the placing of Ram on the throne would ensure that her own son Bharath would not have any further power and she in turn would become a servant to Ram. Finally, after a lot of persuasion, the Queen decided to exercise the twin vows that the king owed to her. She finally went to the kind and told him what she wanted; he was shocked and tried to change her mind. She refused and said he could of course go back on his vows, but that was not possible; and when Ram got to know the reason for his father suffering, he said that he would do whatever Queen Kaikei wanted.

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