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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se - Daddu gets to know the truth about Abhimanyu

So far the story has moved on predictable lines. Shivani is the rich girl whose grandfather dotes on her, since she lost her parents a long time back. He has ensured that she gets whatever she wants, and wants her to be super happy. He is even more happy that her marriage has been fixed with her childhood friend and sweetheart and Abhimanyu, and the marriage has been fixed for happening very soon. Shivani is extremely happy at this marriage, not knowing that Abhimanyu has something else in mind. Abhimanyu has made a deal with a guy named Golcha for developing a nice plot of land belonging to Shivani into a 5 star resort while her Daddy was wanting a school to open there. He was persuading Shivani to get her grandfather to agree to convert the land into a resort and she was agreeable. However, things got problematic when the devoted servant Raghu learnt the truth about Abhimanyu and he was unsure about how to pass on this bit of news about Abhimanyu to Shivani or Daddu and why they would believe him.
However, things come to pass that Shivani also overhears the truth about Abhi before the marriage and Abhi learns that she has learnt the truth. He goes and tries to poison the mind of Daddu against Shivani, claiming that she is under the influence of Raghu and is moving away from marriage with Abhi, and then manages to get Raghu to come to her room in the night without her knowledge; and then Daddu and he also land up there so that Daddu is convinced that indeed there is something wrong happening between Shivani and Raghu. Shivani refuses to do the marriage and Daddu sets a condition that she will lose her inheritance unless she gets married in 3 days. At this, Jaswant and Mahima, her cousins who have their eyes on the property tell her that she should get into a fake marriage with Raghu so that the inheritance does not go to Abhi. She agrees, but Daddu is furious and banishes her from the house.
So now they are out of the house, while Abhi is furious at what has happened and tries to plot changes in the will along with Jaswant and Mahima, however they are also plotting with each other. Raghu's family is very happy that he is married with his father extremely happy that he has married the very rich Shivani; but is very perturbed when he gets to know that this is a fake marriage and that she will go away. Shivani in the meantime is getting upset that Jaswant and Mahima, as well as Daddu, are not taking her calls. Raghu gets hear that Abhi is there along with Jaswant and Mahima, and suspects that something is different from what Shivani and he think about Jaswant / Mahima. He tries to meet Daddu but Daddu warns him away with a rifle and he goes away. However, in the office, Daddu finally meets up with Golcha and realizes the truth about Abhimanyu, and slaps him and throws him out of the office. He has also changed the will, and both Jaswant and Mahima are hoping for the positive, but no one really knows what has changed in the will.

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