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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hindi TV - Qubool Hain - Ayyan and Zoya get married by mistake

As usual, when something is going right, things have to go wrong. However, even though Qubool Hain has reached some high ratings, it is starting to get boring with the same sequences running again and again. How can the same person be involved in everything, and the same thing keep on happening again and again, as it seems to happen in the serial from time to time. So, Tanveer keeps on appearing in the serial again and again, and even though she is caught every time, she is free to do what she wants on every occasion. In the current episode again, Tanveer has been blackmailing Imran with the truth that is the father of her baby and if she reveals all this, his life would be ruined. It is without doubt that this marriage to Najma would be over as well. And Zoya has started seeing something suspicious with the presence of Tanveer nearby, and Tanveer is increasing this suspicion, in the plan of getting Zoya caught so that Tanveer can actually kill Zoya (and in fact, viewers would not have guessed something like this). Finally Zoya, without telling Asad goes off on a plan to catch Tanveer and lands up in a deserted hospital, caught by Tanveer. She is in deep trouble right now. Tanveer has her goons tie up Zoya to a bed and then after some lectures, injects her with poison. However, Zoya is able to run away from there but with the goons chasing her.
On the other side, Ayyan and Humera are in the car, happy since they have just taken the opportunity to get out of the house and go for some shopping. But soon Vikram is after them and tries to catch them. There is a lot of fighting, and finally even though Ayyan is injured, they manage to get away from there. The goons are after them, and they take shelter in a community center where a mass marriage programmer is underway. Zoya has already reached there, and everybody can predict what will happen next. It is like a procedure that happens step by step. They wear marriage dresses so that they cannot be seen; then Ayyan leaves Humera so that he can see whether the goons have gone away but is seen and has to move quickly. And they both sit opposite each other as a part of those getting married, and when the maulvi asks them Qubool Hain, they are both preoccupied and say something that seems like agreement. And lo and presto, they are now married.
Once this happens and the maulvi congratulates them (and Ayyan has already been recognized), they are in a state of shock. They tell each other that is not it, and also that they will not tell anybody else about this marriage but already their state has changed so much that people can see something is different.
Ayyan goes back home with Humera although she can see some change in him; he tells the others about the encounter with Vikram and they can also see that he is hurt; and then it is revealed that he is already married and when asked, he confirms. On the other side, there is the marriage of Imran and Najma along with the marriage of Asad and Zoya, and the wedding of Imran and Najma happens (Zoya is unable to reach in time to stop the marriage). However, Asad is very angry that Zoya had again left in the nick of time, and she has to now tell him what happened, and he will do the right thing, which is ask her to live with this marriage.

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