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Friday, September 13, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Another leap, but some tragic scenes before that

The serial goes serious from time to time, but it has never got as serious as is happening now. The question of misuse of the strong anti-rape and anti-harassment laws do come up from time to time in the papers and in court cases; the serial took a case like that but has not really taken the question through the whole discussion. In addition, for some time now, it was clear that the serial will go through 2 time-leaps, with the first leap happening for a period of 9 years and with the serial staying in that period for a time of around a month or so, and then moving for another time leap for a period of 7 years.
During the prom night, when Pihu had agreed to the question by Varun of changing the prom dress and being intimate in the room, that was the night where Priya had caught them before something could happen. And since Pihu was scared of what would happen to her, she screamed that Varun was trying to rape her; and this made Priya ballistic. She anyhow believed very strongly in her daughter and had fought with others who tried to tell her that Pihu was making a fool of her. Priya in turn called Ram, who was equally angry and got the police to come and arrest Varun. Varun in the meantime was denying that he was forcing anything, that Pihu was agreeable to whatever he said. But given that Ram was a powerful businessman and was very angry, no one was willing to listen to anything that Varun or even his family was willing to say.
However, Ram was persuaded by Neha and Saumya to come to Neha's house and listen to a few of Varun's friends who told him that things were not what he was made to believe. That there were so many phone conversations and messages between Varun and Pihu and that everything was with the consent of both of them. Ram came back to his house disturbed and wanted to have a clear conversation with Pihu about this; he did push back once or twice at Priya when she tried to butt in, but in the end, there was also the impending trip to London for a business deal that had to happen and he had to leave. In the meantime, a lot of further bad things were happening with Varun and his family, since his brother and sister were forced out from their schools, and they had to face a lot of bad name. They came in and scolded Varun a lot about what he wanted to do, and left him very disturbed.
In the end, Priya wanted to lighten the mood of Pihu and so took her phone to try and call her friend Geetika, but found that she was reaching the number of Varun; his brother took the phone and pleaded with Priya to help. Normally Priya would have done something, but since she could see that Pihu had the number as Geetika but it was actually Varun, she decided to confront Pihu. Finally Pihu admitted to all this, and Priya was aghast at what had happened since it meant that Pihu, in trying to save herself, had also sent an innocent boy to jail. Pihu did strike back to some degree, saying that it was continuous pressure from Priya and Ram which finally caused her to break free; Priya wanted to tell Ram everything but was not able to reach him. She called the police station and told them not to take any further action on Varun, but he had committed suicide because of the enormity of what all had happened. When driving further to the police station, they had an accident because of which Pihu did not suffer much but Priya went into a coma which has now continued for 7 years. There is the marriage of Neha and Vikram's daughter Riddhima happening for which there are a lot of festivities.

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