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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Jodha Akbar - Jalal leaves for war with Sujanpur

The serial is right now at a very critical stage. It has been made to appear that the murder of the unborn child of Jalal, inside Queen Ruqaiya, was caused due to dhatura. This dhatura was inside the last items that the queen ate, as a ritual done by Jodha and her brothers in happiness over the pregnancy. Jalal is furious over this, and decides that since it has been shown that the death happened due to the dhatura, and the dhatura was inside the item that was given by Jodha and her brothers, it is clear that they caused the death, and hence they need to be punished. Accordingly, in his rage, he orders the arrest of Jodha and her brothers and tells them that he will punish them with their life, and this will be a horrid death, since they will be burnt to death.
They are called before the Diwan-i-khas, the place where the emperor holds court before a few select people, and there when the trial is about to start, Jalal wants to short-circuit all the procedures that are supposed to be a part of the trial. As a part of these procedures, they are allowed to have their say and do whatever they can to show that they are not guilty. In this case, Jalal tells everybody that he is dispensing with a trial since he believes that they are guilty; and everybody is horrified at this, since it is assumed that the emperor is the representative of Mughal justice, which can be strict but is fair.
Finally his own mother steps in, although Jalal is not happy. She tries to point out the obvious, as to how everything is tasted before anybody of the royal family can eat it, and how earlier as well, food that Jodha had prepared for him had become spicy; that she believes that there is some kind of plot against Jodha and her brothers. Jalal says that he will postpone the trial and execution for 10 days, but at the end of which, if there is no innocence, then they will all be burnt to death. In the meantime, Jodha's father has come there to announce the impending marriage of another daughter, Sukanya, who will be married into a smaller kingdom, Sujanpur. The Amer king gets a cool reception and then hears about what is going to be the fate of his sons and daughters and the crimes for which they have been arrested.
In a twist, a farmer comes to Jalal for justice and claims that his family has been hurt by some intruders, and they are being patronized by the rulers of Sujanpur. For Jalal, this is feeding his revenge, since he now plans to setout to destroy Sunjapur and their rulers, and tells Raja Bharmal that since Jalal is his son-in-law, he needs to support him rather than any future in-laws of his daughter, and tells the sons of the Amer king that they have to join him in the battle on his own side. And in a further twist, the tilak for Jalal as he is leaving is to be done by Jodha, and she does do it. Jalal is all set to take revenge on Jodha and her family, and all this is part of the revenge.

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