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Friday, September 20, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya still in a coma, starting to sink

This was a development that few people would have projected. And yet, there is an unsettling feeling about the way that the serial has taken such a serious topic and let it die down (hopefully it will get raised again as and when Priya comes out of her coma). 7 years back, Pihu had landed up in serious trouble when she fell in a rebellious love with Varun (who was the son of Shruti and the old enemy Ashwin). Varun was of course looking for revenge on Priya, and Pihu was the perfect way to take such revenge. What he neglected to remember in all his arrogance was that she was only 15 years old and underage, and the (rich and powerful) parents of such an underage girl would be very difficult to handle and could make life hell. And then when it came to the crunch, even Pihu chose to save herself and handed over Varun to go to hell. When it came to a situation where both of them were together in a room at the prom party, obviously upto no good and Priya caught them, things would get very problematic. Pihu prompty cried rape and the poor guy landed up in jail; with the powerful parents ensuring that the police did not listen to anyone and Varun also got beaten up. This caused huge problems to his family as well (his own life was ruined).
False allegations of rape can be a huge problem. Even though Varun was upto no good, he had not really done anything wrong so far and yet was now in a critical problem. The serial should have done some focusing on this area, instead they took it even further by showing that Varun was so overcome by the problems that happened to his parents and brother that he committed suicide. On the other side, Priya finally realized that there was something fishy and managed to get the truth out of Pihu; also realizing that her own attitude had also caused problems to Pihu. She meant to take Pihu to the police station but learnt that Varun had committed suicide, and then a car accident happened where she went into a coma because of her injuries and has been in the same state for 7 years now.
Cut to the current scene. The serial has not shown whether Pihu owned up to whatever happened 7 years back, but the family is still running smoothly. Ram has done both roles of mom and dad, and is also assisted a lot by the Neha and Vikram, and by Juhi, who was an old friend of Priya and had just met her a few days back 7 years ago. She has taken so much charge of their lives that the children call her choti mom (younger mother now). In fact, the children have started to feel that everybody should accept that Priya is not going to come out of the coma and that Ram should get remarried to Juhi so that things get more settled for him. Ram of course is shocked at this and says that nothing like this is going to happen.
The situation on the front of Priya is starting to get worse with doctors saying that if Priya does not come out of coma this year, she may never come out of the coma, and further still, her organs are now starting to sink and she is getting into trouble. Ram is horrified at this news, and although he has been visiting her at the hospital every day for 7 years, he decides to make a change and bring her home so that she can come to comfortable surroundings and maybe now come out of the coma.

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