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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Tension in the house as Suraj not yet come for Rakhi

There is a lot of tension in the house. Even though Suraj and Sandhya have left the house, it is time for Rakhi and everybody is expecting that since this is Chavvi's last rakhi before she leaves after marriage, it will be a grand celebration. And since both Mohit and Vikram are not earning all that much, they are not really in a position to do a grand celebration. So, it all boils down to Suraj doing his duty.
However, there has to be drama shown in the serial and so you see the case where after doing their purchasing of a good diamond jewelery item in the shop in Mt. Abu, both Suraj and Sandhya are stuck in a lift due to a power cut. It is late and they realize that nobody can listen to them since they are stuck inside the lift. They try their best to see how they can get the lift opened, but it does not work. So, they are now settled inside the lift for the night, hoping that they can get out in the morning.
In the meantime, in the Rathi house, the usual system of taunting is ongoing. Meena knows that both Mohit and Emily don't have much money, and so she tells them that they would be unable to do anything for the rakhi celebration for Chhavi, in a way that they hear. Bhabho also hears this, and to ensure that Emily does not feel hurt, she gives a gold earring to Emily so that this can be presented to Chhavi by Emily. Emily is happy that she seems to have made a place in Bhabho's heart even though Mohit remains distant from her.
In another discussion, Bhabho have been having a discussion with Vikram and Mohit about the celebration for Chhavi, but both of them claim that they do not have much money and hence cannot contribute too much. And in the midst of all this is ongoing conversation about why Suraj has not turned up yet. There is some taunting that Suraj and Sandhya have gone for a vacation, and hence would not be back. And then Meena's mother comes in with another bit of news that Suraj had bought a necklace worth Rs. 55,000 for Sandhya. Everybody is shocked at this, with Mohit even suggesting that the sweet shop was actually in the name of Bhabho and hence the money from the shop should be given to Bhabho rather than Suraj spending it for Sandhaya. Bhabho is listening to all this, but is not yet ready to defend Suraj on all this.
In the meantime, finally Suraj and Sandhya get free from their imprisonment in the lift, and rush out. They take a jeep, getting the taxi jeep to move fast by playing on his going to miss the rakhi festival. In the meantime, in the house, there are a lot of questions about the 3 rakhis on the plate, since it would seem to everybody that Suraj is not going to be able to make it to the house in time. And then they hear a noise of a procession from outside, and it is Suraj and Sandhya; and when Suraj enters the house, he gives a necklace to Chhavi, with this being a gold necklace that was the one that he apparently purchased from the jeweller shop.

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