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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagya says no to the marriage, shocks everyone

For some time now, the serial has been showing Jagya getting very confused about what he wants. He had some affection for Ganga, and he was thinking that this was part of his duty towards her. It was surprising to the viewers of the serial that the serial showed him agreeing to marriage with Sanchi, although to everybody in the serial, they could see that Sanchi was making a lot of effort to get closer to Jagya and his family, changing herself to become more traditional and able to fit in the Singh household, and also losing some of the arrogance that she had.
However, as Ganga had left the house and even left the city to go do a course elsewhere, Jagya was even missing her more. Others close to him such as Lal Singh and Anandi had also noticed this, and questioned him more about what he wanted and what was in his mind. Finally he admitted to himself that he was indeed in deep love with Ganga, but at the same time, he also realized that he had said yes to Sanchi and they had also got engaged; backing out at this juncture would lead to a lot of problems for everybody and a lot of people would be hurt. So, despite knowing that he would not be happy with Sanchi, he was unwilling to break the relationship.
But then sometime or the other, Jagya would come to know the true feelings for Sanchi. She was still totally infatuated with Jagya, but that was it, her arrogance and selfishness were still present. Jagya and Anandi were at a restaurant to discuss the marriage, and where Jagya asked Anandi about what she felt, whether Sanchi had changed. Anandi of course said that she was convinced that Sanchi had totally changed, had given up her arrogance and was trying her best about how to live in Jagya's house and adopt the different and more conservative customs that were present there. Now, there is no objection if somebody wants to change the customs, but not when they are lying about their feelings for the same; Sanchi has always made it seem that she wants to adopt the customs of Jagya's house while she had no feelings regarding the same.
So, Sanchi was with her friends and both Jagya and Anandi had heard a lot of stuff that made Jagya surprised and would have made Anandi ashamed about the praise she had given to Sanchi. Sanchi was heard very clearly telling her friends that she was pretending to change herself, her aim was to ensure that once she was married, she would make Jagya leave Jaitsar and go to either Mumbai or overseas, the feelings of his family be damned. Both Jagya and Anandi were shocked to hear all this.
At this, Jagya was confused about what to do. He finally decided to make a break and went to his inlaws house and told them, not about what Sanchi had said, but that he had thought a lot about the relationship and the impending marriage and he did not think that they were the same kind of people. And hence, after some more similar words, he finally said that he was calling off the marriage. Everybody was shocked; even Anandi since she had asked Jagya to think this over and then decide what to do. The family members pleaded with Jagya, even caught his collar, but he refused to change his decision and pleaded for forgiveness for his decision, but said that he could not change his decision. This will have a lot of ripple effects on the entire family, and since Anandi is considered to be from Jagya's house, maybe to her as well.

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