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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Varun in deep trouble

Suddenly they are showing the character of Pihu in a totally new light, very negative. Maybe it is the fact that her mother has always been like a dominant character rather than a true friend, but whatever be the reason, the serial has suddenly made Pihu out like a total villain. Even though she is just 15 years old, apparently the instinct of self-preservation has made sure that Pihu will lie and do whatever else is required to ensure that she does not get into trouble. At the same time, some of the circumstances shown in the serial are not logical. If Pihu is so much in love with Varun, it does not make sense that she would turn around and suddenly pin a rape charge on Varun, especially because it has such a significant impact. For a young man to be charged with the rape of a minor, especially when the father of the minor is a rich and powerful businessman is equivalent to the end of all his dreams and ambitions.
At the same time, the young man was in his own air, feeling that he would be the one to take revenge for the slaps and humiliation he got. So, Varun, after being humiliated by Priya and by her mother, and then being slapped by his own mother because she was called to the principal's office because of him; he was angry and wanted revenge. Who better to be the instrument for taking revenge but the young and impressionable Pihu. So, first he gets Pihu to deny the allegation that Neha was making against her, and because of this Priya and Neha had a fight. And then he wanted to get Pihu in such a position, by getting her to be intimate with him and with his friends witnessing that, which would cause a lot of humiliation for Pihu and her mother. However, he forgot that Pihu is a 15 year old, and so even if she gave her consent to such intimacy, it did not mean anything and Ram and Priya could make his life miserable. However, this plan was failed just in the nick of time. He sent Pihu to a room at the prom for changing, she went inside without locking the door for changing (ridiculous) and then he stepped in and asked his friends to come in after around 10 minutes so that they could see whatever happened.
It was his ultimate back luck that Priya saw that Pihu had left her phone in the car and went back to the party to give the phone, and she discovered both Pihu and Varun in the room, in the dark. She went ballistic, and seeing this, Pihu did something strange, given that she apparently loved Varun so much that she was willing to be intimate with him; she told her mother that Varun had followed her (she had come up to change her dress because there was a stain on it) and then tried to force herself on her. On hearing this, Priya grew furious, and started scolding and beating Varun and also called Ram, who finally called the police. Varun kept on protesting that Pihu was equally involved in all this, but nobody listened to him and he was taken to the police station. Pihu refused to have a medical test done, which is a standard test in the case of assault. However, Neha was suspicious about all this, and later Saumya also noticed that there was no stain on Pihu's dress. But for now Priya is not willing to listen to anything.

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