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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Tanmay finally admits his guilt in court

The court case has been ongoing now, with a shocker in the end when Krishna was convicted of the crime. However, based on the ongoing investigation where Adarsh's phone was located in the house, located with Tanmay, the investigation was given a fresh boost and the case was re-opened (however, not being a lawyer, I was not sure as to how the case was re-opened in the same court after a judgment was given). Now, the case is also trying to put Tanmay in the dock even though he is not an accused, and wonder whether all this can actually happen in a murder case.
There is some evidence against Tanmay, and he is also jailed. And then Pratigya comes to meet him and shows him a long twisted key chain, the same one which was used to strangle Adarsh. Further, the pathologist who gives the wrong blood report is called to court after being arrested and Komal's stolen jewellery is also found with him, further adding to the list of suspicions against Tanmay.
And then the finale where the defense lawyer presents the key chain which he claims is the weapon used to kill Adarsh, and Tanmay denies that this is his key chain, and then blurts out that the actual key chain was burnt, which is an admission of guilt.

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