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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hindi tv serial - Diya aur bati hum - Finally Sandhya is exposing the truth to Bhabho

For quite some time, the relations between Bhabho and Sandhya have been poisoned with the belief by Bhabho that Sandhya was responsible for the police complaint of harassment that got Bhabho jailed. Even though now the relations between Bhabho and Sandhya are not so heavily strained, there are still a lot of issues in the relationship, and it needs the expose that Meena is responsible for this complaint to bring about resolution of the relationship. Now, this would be really traumatic for Meena, since Bhabho does not have a high opinion of Meena either.
However, things are getting even more complex for Vikram and Meena. They want to spend some time away from the home, but it would not be easy since getting to spend a holiday away can be problematic. So they make an excuse and decide to go to Mt. Abu. However, they make a wrong selection of hotel, selecting a hotel that is typically used for single night liaisons, or even by the hour. So, dutifully there is a police raid in which they are caught, while they are drunk, and spend the night in the police station. When they come to their senses, they realize the problem they are in, and are told by the police officer that they can be left off if they show their marriage certificate. Meena has a fit since she realizes that if Bhabho gets to know, there will be hell to pay. However, they call Suraj, since they do need help, and Suraj is angry at the lie, but comes to get them out of jail without telling the reason to anyone.
At home, when Sandhya gets to hear after they have lied about the place, she makes a connection with a name that was used the last time as well, and decides to do more sleuthing. All this investigation leads her to Meena's name, and she is angry at the fact that Meena filed a complaint against Bhabho and wants to punish her. On the other hand, Bhabho is angry that Sandhya spend a lot of time outside the house without telling her, and in the confrontation, finally Sandhya tells them that the complaint was filed by Meena, and it was Sandhya who talked to the magistrate and got the complaint dismissed.

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