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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Daljeet quitting, was playing Anjali

The show is seemingly a bit stretched nowadays. It took a number of episodes to indicate that Arnav, who was supposedly off to England and Scotland had not left, and was instead in the same city, having been kidnapped. It took Khushi some time to convince people in the house that Arnav was not where he was supposed to have been, and found out the location where he had been kept after being kidnapped. She was also caught in the same location, and both of them managed to escape from there, but were trapped again. In order to prevent Khushi from being caught again, Arnav gives himself up and goes back with the kidnappers.
In the meantime, Khushi, along with Mami reaches the spot again where Arnav is being kept, wanting to identify the people responsible, and especially the leader of the plot. By now Khushi suspects that the plot leader is Shyam, and finds some clues in the house that could lead to Shyam being responsible.
In the critical part, now Shyam is in front of the kidnapper and could find out who the person is, although the serial is taking its own time in showing who the kidnapper leader is. It is being speculated that in the future, Shyam will try to fire at Arnav, and it will be Khushi who will be hit. When Anjali gets to know, she will be horrified, and this will be her exit from the serial, not sure whether she will be replaced from the serial with another character, or her character will be removed from the serial.

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