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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Meena's lies are exposed in front of Bhabho

For quite some time now, the various lies told by Meena have only increased trouble for Sandhya, such as the mystery about the police complaint (which was blamed on Sandhya) and also the contraceptive pills, and then also trying to poison the mind of Bhabho against Sandhya from time to time. Some times Bhabho would listen to these, many times she would not, but in the end, Bhabho already had negative sentiments about Sandhya and those came out in her tirades against Sandhya.
However, it was the trip by Vikram and Meena to Mt. Abu which caused them a lot of problems. In addition to being arrested by the police (for which Suraj went there and scolded them a lot of lying), Sandhya managed to solve the case of the police complaint and find out that it was Meena who did this. Finally when Meena comes back to the house from the police station, Bhabho questions her and the truth is out about the police complaint, and that leads to an incredible drama in the house.
Meena tries to deflect this anger by claiming that she should not be thrown out of the house because she has the next generation, that she is pregnant, and then make the next mistake by revealing that the contraceptive pills were actually hers, and she was blaming Sandhya for them. Now she is deep trouble, but Sandhya saves the day for her by talking to the others and telling them since she has the grand-child, she should remain in the house and even carrying food for her. Will this mean that Bhabho will now start liking Sandhya ?
Also, the serial seems to moving towards a time leap where Sandhya will finally achieve her dreams of becoming a police officer.

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