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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Khushi getting closer to Shyam so as to defeat him

The serial is slowly losing its TRP's since they are dragging the story. Their lead actor went on a leave of 40 days for which they had to make do without him, and since the interaction between the lead male-female pair is the main part of this story, it made things very boring. So, there was a kidnap of the lead pair, with Khushi and then Mamiji hunting for where Arnav is. After some time however, you start getting bored with the same stuff happening over and over again.
Now, finally after what seems a long time, the story is reaching a climax. Khushi and NK have found and got confirmed that Shyam is the one behind the kidnap and are trying to get more information on what is happening. Shyam on the other hand is happy that he had managed to get Khushi to get Arnav to sign to the will where Shyam would be the sole executor of the will, in control of everything.
While doing this investigation of Shyam, Khushi and NK have an embarrassing moment when they are trying to get the password for a pen drive owned by Shyam, and realize that Shyam has the password as 'ILOVEKHUSHI'. NK did not know about this love that Shyam had for Khushi and is shocked, but she manages to explain it. Now, in order to unlock the drive, they need for Shyam to repeat the password, so Khushi goes to Shyam so that she can get him to repeat the phrase and they can see what is in the pen drive - which is a copy of the will. 

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