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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Jatin woos Mona, and Pradeep plays the jealous role

The serial is going through a phase where they are showing the jealous nature of Pradeep. He left Mona and their 12 year old relationship for Anushka and the promises that she showed him, but still retails a strong possessive sense for Mona; so when he sees that Jatin has given a proposal for Mona, he is shocked. He is even more shocked when he sees his own father pushing Mona for meeting Jatin and for atleast considering the proposal; and foolishly, he scolds his own father for doing so. The result was that he got a thorough scolding from his own father for whatever happened, and for trying to interfere in Mona's life. Further, when he tries to act in front of Mona, she not only talks back to him but Anushka hears when he is trying to act possessive and he is only able to manage the situation with some difficulty.
Mona is still shocked about the proposal, and since her father-in-law was pushing her, she goes to the restaurant to meet Jatin, and to shock him and make him aware, she takes all 3 children along. However, Jatin handles the situation very well, taking care of the children, asking them for what they wanted and getting on a friendship term with them. Pradeep has also come to the restaurant to see what is happening (although Anushka does not know about this) and when Jatin sees him, he welcomes him and does not seem to care that even though he called Mona, she called her children as well as her husband.
On the other side, Tani is seen walking back from the engagement of Madhav with Jia, being further taunted by Madhav at the ceremony, and walking back in the rain where she faints. Now, typically, in hindi serials and movies, wherever there is a fainting happening of  a lady like this, it is often meant to indicate that she is pregnant. One wonders what will happen in this case.

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