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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kua Hua Tera Vada - the confusion over Madhav, Jatin and Taani

Things can get very complicated in very little time. There is a boy coming to see Taani (the introduction of Hiten into the serial), but Taani in the meantime is meeting Madhav, her boyfriend, who is also there with his parents (and who are old family friends of the family). And then Mona is also present in the house, even though her connection with the family is through her marriage with Pradeep, but her inlaws treat her like a daughter. And then Mona is the only one who knows about the relationship between Taani and Madhav. And Madhav is the same guy who was rejected by Taani some time back when his parents had taken his proposal for Taani.
And so, in the confusion, Jatin (played by Hiten) finally goes back after the truth about Taani and Madhav is known; there is an attempt to criticize the role played by Mona in all this (since she is the only one who knows about the relationship between Taani and Madhav), and her inlaws are not very happy about her role, but Mona finally explains everything including why she was unable to tell them anything and asks them to go to Madhav's house taking the proposal.
However, at Madhav's house, things turn upside down when after some persuasion from Taani's parents, Madhav declares that he was never in love with Taani, instead she was helping him with meeting her friend. Taani, and also Mona are shocked at this turnaround of Madhav, and they all leave from there; outside when they meet Madhav, he tells them he was very insulted when Taani refused him, and wanted to take his revenge, and as a part of that, he also promised a job to Mona when she needed one.

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