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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Phir Subah Hogi - A girl trying to break free from a repressive tradition

For the past few years now, there have been some shows coming up on television that are breaking the traditional saas-bahu or reality series model on TV and highlighting some of the problems that are there in the country. For example, Balika Vadhu, even with all the dramatics still portrayed the problem of child marriage and other ills that are present in our society and also show from time to time, some actions that can break these customs.
Phir Subah Hogi is another such serial that showcases the problematic customs of some regions, such as in the Bundelkhand region of central India, where the original dance form of 'Raai dance' was meant to be for the gods, but over a period of time and due to the acute poverty, this got converted into a tradition meant for the rich people and then into the flesh trade, where a rich guy could do a custom called 'Sardhakai', meant to showcase the entry of the girl into the trade under the control of a rich thakur. It has been accepted for many many years now, but there are girls from time to time who want to break free and lead a normal life, have a normal marriage rather than be doing this trade.
So, Sugni (played by Gulki Joshi), is more educated than others from her community and cannot stand this custom. She is struggling against the customs, and is also attracted to the Thakur Vikram Singh (Varun Badola) who supports her and her family on many occasions, and then expresses his love for her. It is more difficult for her to express her love, but she does so, and now they have to face the expressions of many others in the community. Further, as per the show, eventually the Thakur Vikram Singh will turn negative, and will cause her more problems.

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