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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Krishna arrested for the murder of Adarsh, protests his innocence

The serial did not have too much drama once the evil wife and mother of Shakti were kicked out of the house. Now, as you would know, if there is some boredom in a serial, the makers of the serial will add new drama to the serial. And so it has happened in the serial. The decision was taken to bump off one of the characters in the serial, in such a way that it would shake everybody else in the serial.
So, you had a sequence where Komal reached home with injuries on her face, turned out that she was assaulted by her husband Adarsh. Seeing these injuries on Komal's face made her brother Krishna and her father SS very angry. Though Pratigya tried to counsel some restraint, Krishna set out to avenge these injuries, with the stated intention of beating up and punishing Adarsh once he did find Adarsh.
In the meantime, Tanmay was up to no good. He had some bad intentions from last time, especially when he felt that Adarsh was not supporting him. Further, Tanmay also started wanting to inherit the entire property belonging to the Professor, and if Adarsh could be taken out from the scenario, it would make things much easier for him. So, Tanmay takes Adarsh to a remote location, planning the murder of Adarsh when Krishna could find him, and then when Krishna did find him, so did the police a bit later, accusing Krishna of doing the murder.
Everybody, even Pratigya believes that Krishna is guilty of the murder, although Krishna manages to persuade P that he was not responsible. However, the Professor forbids anybody from Sajjan Singh's family to be part of the funeral rites, and when Pratigya claims that Krishna was not responsible, her turns her out as well and forbids her from coming back. When Sajjan Singh shows up, his own daughter Komal gets angry, spits at her own father and turns him out. When Krishna gets to know, he is very saddened at these reactions; further, he is taunted by the police officer and replies rudely, at which the officer threatens him.

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