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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Tension between Siddhi and Kunal, Kunal takes the blame for the case

As usual, there is some amount of expressed tension between Siddhi and Kunal and this is because of the ongoing court case against Siddhi, for the death by car accident of Rohit. She did not want Kunal to take the case, and at the same time, Thakral promised that he will do whatever he can to ensure that the court case ends in a guilty case and Siddhi is punished.
However, in court, Kunal knows that right now things are against them, and that he needs more time to get more proof and evidence, and plays his gambit. He gets the court to accept that actually Siddhi was not the one who was involved, in fact, it was Kunal who was responsible for whatever happened, and hence he gets a one week time period for pleading the case. Things get more problematic when Siddhi is very angry over whatever has happened, and they do the usual drama about Siddhi wanting to leave the house, but does not (in fact, the auto guy finally leaves in disgust after they do the usual drama in front of him).
Siddhi even tries to get Vikram to say in court that Kunal was with him at that time so that Kunal would be freed and she would again be prosecuted, but Vikram refuses. On the other hand, Richa is remembering her time with Kunal and is distressed that Kunal has taken the blame rather than Siddhi getting prosecuted.

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