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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Separation between Ahem and Gopi after some harsh words by Ahem

The happenings in the serial seem somewhat strange. Due to a time when Ahem had bhang, he had sex with Gopi and as a result, because of that one encounter, Gopi is pregnant. The family is very happy since none of them expected this to happen, being unsure of the true nature of the relationship between Gopi and Ahem. Ahem, after the initial surprise, is very confused. Given the fact that on a running basis, there is no physical intimacy between Gopi and Ahem, he thinks that this talk of a father is very much forward and that he is not ready for being a father as yet.
This feeling is increasing in him, causing him to become more impatient and more edgy, and increasing the distance between him and Gopi. Gopi is unable to understand as to why Ahem is becoming more distant, why he seems more impatient. And then it happens, where at a havan, a kid is in the house and is causing Ahem to get more irritated. This irritation causes Ahem to finally declare that he does not want a baby, and this causes Koki to get extremely angry, who then separates Ahem and Gopi and says that from now on, there is no relation between Ahem and Gopi and between Ahem and the baby.
At the same time, Urmi realizes that if Gopi is the one bringing a baby into the household and Rashi does not have a baby, it will make the position of Gopi more powerful, so she starts urging Rashi to also get pregnant. Rashi is somewhat impatient with the speed expected out of her, but starts making some attempts under the guidance of Urmi. She is told to try the trick of using bhang, but in this case, the situation becomes reversed, with Rashi eating the laddu containing bhang rather than her husband.

1 comment:

linda dale said...

Oh... I often see this serial but now i really don't like this new gopi she can't able to acting like old gopi.But still serial is best.

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