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Friday, June 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Defeat from the jaws of victory

The serial has become very confused for the past few weeks. Priya was determined to stand up for Ram, and expose the wrong-doings done by his mother, Niharika. So, something very strange was happening in the serial. Using the time when Ram was shown to have acted wrongly by accusing Karthik of kidnapping Nuts and putting him in jail, Priya scolds Ram very strongly. This is increased by the fact that she and Niharika had a showdown where Niharika made it clear that she wants Priya out, and Priya agreed but with a condition that she wants money for her comfort. This was something that Niharika was easily able to understand, and hence the deal was made. Part of the deal was that Priya would move out of Ram's life, and Priya started acting very strangely against Ram, acting uncomfortable and somewhat hostile. She explained this to Vikram by stating that she wants to take as much money of Ram as possible so that his mother and brother have less to steal from him.
Things get more tricky when Priya wants to start exposing Niharika's history, by getting Niharika's ex-husband and Ram's estranged natural mother to be in the picture and slowly get Ram to understand. In the meantime, Sid starts acting on the company which is most profitable, wanting to ensure that the reputation of the company gets damaged.
Then, the showdown happens where Priya thinks she has evidence where Niharika talks about her past, but this does not work since the recording is incomplete, and then Ram does not believe this, asking his natural mother about why she left him; she is unable to answer completely. This is a complete victory for Niharika. However, soon after the police arrive to arrest Ram for wrong-doings in the pharma company that caused the death of people. It is here, that when Ram is told about wrong-doings by Sid, he tells the police. It is here that Niharika behaves unnaturally, since she loudly states that Ram is guilty, not Sid (she could have handled this in such a way that she would not have broken with Ram).
Priya steps in (having been called by Vikram), claiming that since Ram had handed over the company to her, she was the owner of the company, and hence the police action should be against her and not against Ram. The police arrest her, and Ram is baffled by her action, and incredibly in love with her for whatever she has done.

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