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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Divorce between Vikram and Neha becomes known at birthday party

For quite some time now, the serial has been showing a pending divorce between Vikram and Neha, and this was surprising for viewers since there was no background given as to why this was happening. After all, after the 5 year break, suddenly this came into the picture and the serial kept on showing this without providing any reason. Even when Ram got involved in this discussion, he was unable to do anything much about this, since they told him that this divorce was something that was going to happen and he would not be able to do anything about this.
Soon after, this got over-shadowed with the time when Ram and Priya met, and Ram went into shock. Once he came out of hospital, instead of the reunion that a number of viewers were expecting, they showed Ram very angry over what has happened and about Priya not telling him about her being alive for 5 years in the past. He wants custody of Pihu and now, in his anger, proclaims that Ayesha is his wife.
And then the birthday party for Rahul was the biggest problem. The cake that was unveiled occasion blew everybody away, since it disclosed that the divorce was going to happen, leaving everybody shocked. Their children were shocked the most, especially Rahul, since he could not believe that his parents had not told him that they were going to be divorced. As also the reason for the divorce, the truth that Vikram had another child long back. Will the effort to prevent this divorce break the anger that Ram has in him, since he feels that he will need the support of Priya to convince them to re-consider their divorce ?

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