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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Finally Varsha is back

The serial, many months back, split the multiple characters into different directions, and is slowly bringing them back. Before the time lapse, Varsha had run off with Soham causing huge tensions between Manav and Archana, and then Manav decided to go to Canada and Savita twisted things around so that there was a long separation between the two, with the children going up without their mother and Savita telling them bad things about Archana. Soham also got into the wrong hands, and became Vishnu, the son of a small time gang.
First the story slowly weaved back the story of Manav and Archana. First, the good nature of Achana slowly got people to shed their hostility towards her, but this would not have been enough. It was Teju who overheard a conversation between Savita and Sachin, which helped to resolve all the issues and reconciled Archana and Manav and also caused everybody to know that it was Savita who was responsible for creating their differences.
So, one end of the thread was resolved. Now remains the story of Varsha and Soham (now known as Varsha). Varsha landed up in the city after Soham, and once Manav got to know that Varsha was still alive, he went after her, even publishing posters and others and putting people on the lookout for her. And finally Varsha has been caught, but is not disclosing the current whereabouts of Soham.

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