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Friday, October 26, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Jagya finally manages to come back in the house

Things are getting more complicated on the show. With Anandi due to get married to Shivam, his Choti Ma does not like the fact that she is a divorcee and is also unhappy over the fact that Jagya is also there in the village. She has been mollified by telling her that Jagya is no longer part of the family and his actions have been condemned by everybody in the family. Anandi is also not soft towards him, but her natural tendencies is not to be harsh towards anyone, or to think badly of anybody, and hence she does not even understand all the motives of Jagya.
Jagya has been very angry with the attitude of his family towards him, after all, he is the son of the family, and blames Anandi for whatever has happened to him from his family's side. He wants revenge, and they show him having a discussion with himself over what is the right way and what is the wrong way, and finally he agrees that he is the one who has been wronged, that Anandi is the one who has done this, and that he wants revenge.
So, first order is to ensure that he changes the attitude of people towards him. He admits that he assaulted a villager, agrees to work for him till he has undone the damage, and then in a series of remarkable events, ensures that the villagers now see him as a good guy. He also manages to ensure that his family finally forgives him, but Bhairon is not so happy over this, and Shiv does not want him to come anywhere near Anandi.
Now that Jagya has managed to come home, his next step is to ensure that the problems are all overcome, and the final problem is that Anandi is away from him, and he tells Dadisa that he wants Anandi back, and she is shocked at his statement, but will she support him ?

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