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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara...- Marriage preparations are on, but ..

The serial is a fast moving serial, not like many other serials which take a lot of time to move from one point to point. The serial is primarily the story of Aditya, whose parents Avantika and Harish separated a long time back bitterly and who are not exactly the best of friends now. Over this, Adi no longer really believes that a marriage is a relationship that is meant for him, and lives life as per his terms. Because of the history of his family, where his mother Avantika is also a businesswoman and far richer than his father, he also does not have exposure to many customs and rituals. His mother's father, played by Mukesh Khanna is far more traditional in terms of believing in relationships, and such, but is not able to make the impression he would like. Since Adi stays with Avantika, he is not so very close to his dad, but otherwise respects him.
Adi goes to Kullu and meets Pankhuri, who is a well mannered girl. His grandfather and her family want this relationship to happen, but there are misunderstandings because of which Adi takes the whole thing negatively. But by the end of his trip, he does not carry negative feelings and becomes friends with Pankhuri. However, this would have stopped there, but Pankhuri's studies causes her to come to Mumbai for internship and after some disturbances, she starts staying in Adi's house at the instance of his grandfather. Avantika really does not like this, and does not speak nicely to her most times.
Avantika also does not like any closeness between Adi and Pankhuri and wants Adi to marry Latika, and after some taunts and the like, Pankhuri pushes him for this marriage and the marriage is set. However, Adi really does not have any kind of love for Latika, and both of them feel that they are close to each other (Adi and Pankhuri) in some way. Adi's Mama and Mami also try to play a negative role overall, with his Mami wanting to get back at Avantika in some way or the other.

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