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Monday, October 1, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnav comes to the mandap and goes ahead with the marriage

This episode suddenly became one of the most decisive ones of the relationship, where Arnav had already come to know the role of Garima in making him an orphan, with Dadi telling him the truth so that he would not go ahead with the relationship. This made him very angry and you could see him taking out his frustration in a garden, breaking a few things. He finally reaches the mandap where the previous episode left it like that, leaving it undecided as to whether he would go ahead with the marriage.
The serial takes the logical step, where Arnav has already remembered his mother's advice where she asked him always to be sure of what is wrong and not to blame where there is no blame, and that is what Arnav does. He says that Khushi is not to blame, and the marriage will happen. When Dadi steps in, he tells her that the blame was actually his father's and Garima was not to blame; and also tells Dadi that if she does not accept this, she can also leave. And so Dadi leaves.
There is happiness everywhere, with Anjali also blessing the marriage even though Shyam expresses feelings against the marriage, but Anjali does not listen and continues with her blessings for the marriage. During the marriage there are some flashbacks as well, and then the serial moves to Arnav's house where Khushi is welcomed in the traditional manner. However, there is still Shyaam, and he will do something, including using a webcam to do spying on their suhagraat.

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