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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavita Rishta - Finally catching up with Soham

After other matters in the serial have been resolved, it was the turn of Varsha and Soham to be found. Ever since some photos were seen which showed Varsha alive and present at the engagement of Arjun, there was a quest to actually find them. Archana was very anxious to find Soham, since she had always thought that Soham and Varsha was dead, and she had already got her other children back to her after the expose of Savita revealed that the separation of Archana from Manav was actually caused by Savita.
Finally they manage to catch up with Varsha, but she refuses to tell them anything about Soham or what has become of him. Then Varsha is tailed till she goes back to Bihar where Soham (now Vishnu) is revealed to have become a bahubali and is celebrating this. There Varsha and Balam claim that Soham was actually dead  when Varsha came there, and he has been dead for 18 years. However, Manav and Archana do not really believe this and talk to the neighbors who reveal that the photo of Soham that they are having is actually Vishnu (rather, only Archana knows this, not Manav).
Archana immediately goes to the stage where Soham is present, but he is scared to see her and wonders whether she has come there to arrest him, and puts a gun to her head and takes her off to the jungle. Manav chases them and when he sees an opportunity, he shoots Soham; Archana is distraught and tells Manav that Vishnu is actually their long lost son Soham. Manav is horrified and surrenders to the police.

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