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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Bhabho concerned over praise to Sandhya

The serial continues to show the social situation in small town India, which is conservative and where woman have to face the brunt of not being treated equally. Woman are supposed to be eventually married off and sent off to their husband's house to live, and take care of his family members. This had led to a condition where they are not treated equally, not provided the same amount of education and other such benefits as the male members of the family. While this may seem unfair and something that the Government and society needs to continue to do to make fair, this is a reality that is depicted in a number of serials that are now showing up more and more in current serials.
In the current case, there is an unstated fear that Sandhya, even though she was married and had not mentioned her education again, would again want to move ahead with her education. Bhabho has a big fear that Sandhya will get awakened again some time about her ambitions, and with suraj also supporting her, she will want to start working again towards her education as well as joining the IPS. With the actions taken by Sandhya to prevent a terrorist attack in the city, there is a lot of recognition and commendations coming her way, which makes the family happen; but Bhabho is concerned. She also tells Sandhya that she wanted Lakshmi, not Durga or Kali in her home. Which means that she wanted a home maker in her family, not somebody who will play a public profile.
So, there is some amount of tension in the house, with Bhabho not comfortable with the public functions that are being organized in favor of Sandhya, although Bhabhasa and Suraj are very comfortable with this. Also, Sandhya gets some very good news in terms of her brother and sister-in-law having a daughter (something which Bhabho mentions as not being as good as having a son), and leaves for sometime to take care of them.

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