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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Bitter rivalry between Krishna and Shakti

The serial shows an on and off rivalry between the brothers, and most of the time, there is always tension between Krishna and Shakti, with Shakti feeling that his younger brother getting the attention of their father Sajjan Singh and would eventually get the benefit of the wealth that Sajjan Singh already has. In fact, the regular tension between them and the actions that they take against each other means that they would typically not need any enemy. In fact, one enemy that they face who almost traps them is Abhimanyu, the illegitimate son of Sajjan Singh who tries everything possible to trap them and also create problems within the family. In the end, Abhimanyu is on the verge of carrying out his mission when he finally gets trapped, and almost shop by Sajjan Singh before Pratigya stops Sajjan Singh from killing him.
On the other hand, there is a lot of happiness in store for Pratigya and Krishna. Due to medical treatment, the sperm count increased till the point where the doctor now said that there was hope (which is also an indicator to viewers that if they are not having a child, there are a number of medical treatments). Finally, Pratigya learnt that she was pregnant, something which brought a lot of happiness for everybody in the family, except for Shakti and Kesar. In the case of Kesar, it was a clear case of betrayal, since it was Pratigya who brought her back into the house from the mental asylum, and who eventually caused Shakti to accept her. For Kesar now to feel so jealous of the new incoming child, and to feel that this new arrival would be to cause detriment to her own child Samar was incredible, but the fact that she tried to poison Pratigya so that the child would die was incredible.

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