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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Shakti goes after Pratigya, but Samar harmed

The serial continues to show drama between the members of the house, and with villains like this in the house, who needs to have enemies outside the house. So it is in this case, where Shakti keeps on plotting against Krishna and Pratigya, and even against his own father when he believes that his father is favoring his own brother. A few times, they have found Shakti guilty of plotting against Sajjan Singh when Shakti got the property transferred to his name by false premises, and there was a lot of effort done to ensure that these properties were returned back to Sajjan Singh. Even after, Sajjan Singh gave some punishment to Shakti, but he remained in the house even after that.
Now, Shakti is very angry over the marriage of his sister Komal with Karthick, since Kartik belongs to a different caste, and is also angry at his family members since they allowed this marriage to happen. He blames Pratigya for most of the changes happening in his house and looks for a tactic that he can get rid of her without the blame coming on him.
On the roof, he finds a place which can allow him to get this done. He sees a weak portion that would collapse and keeps her sari over that portion and also applies oil on the metal so that when she would try to catch the metal, her hands would slip and she would fall down. On the other hand, however, his own son Samar goes to the roof and falls for this trap and falls down, and is then rushed to hospital. Shakti realizes that his own plotting almost caused his own son to die and Sajjan Singh also blames him for the same.
At the same time, Pratigya and Krishna have gone to a village since they believe that the Pandit's wife is actually their Amma, but the lady does not recognize them even when try hard; even when Sajjan Singh is there, Amma does not recognize any of them and sends them back. 

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