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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain - Jeevika runs away, but Viraat brings her back

Ever since Jeevika did the donation which saved the life of her sister, Maanvi, there was a lot of drama in the family. Because of this decision, she took the decision to abort her pregnancy, without informing anybody except Viren. Once this was known, Buaji did not like this decision and made her displeasure known to Jeevika. Jeevika was very guilty over what had happened and told Buaji that she will pay her punishment for this action.
Now, the marriage of Maanvi and Virat was going to happen and this was the time that Jeevika decided to exercise her punishment, and decided that she will not attend the marriage and will infact leave the family at that point of time. And so it happens, when the marriage was happening, Buaji could see that Jeevika was making her way out and even though Buaji was pushing for the punishment, she was still shocked when she heard what was being planned. She tried to stop Jeevika but Jeevika did not stop.
Jeevika had left a message on Viren's phone, but he was very busy and was not able to listen to the message till the time that she had actually left; after that it was a matter of trying to locate her and finally Virat was able to find her (he refused to go on with the marriage till she was found and came back to the house). Only after that was the marriage resumed.

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