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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hindi TV Serials - Bade Acche lagte Hain - Pihu brings Ram and Priya closer together

Ever since Ram found out that Priya was alive and had been away from him for 5+ years and also had a daughter (his daughter) in that period, he was very angry with her for keeping his daughter away from him and had told Priya that he wanted custody of Pihu, that he did not consider that there was a valid marriage between them, and he wanted to punish Priya for keeping Pihu away from him for 5 years. Whenever he would meet Piya, he would taunt her, tell her that she lied to him, and that he would take custody of Pihu no matter what he did.
However, this did not extend to anybody else criticizing Priya. So if Ayesha tried to make a mark for herself by criticizing the behavior of Priya, Ram had scolded her on more than one occasion and told her to keep her comments to herself. Ayesha was very worried that eventually Priya would take Ram away from her, and from the lavish lifestyle that she was leading as a result of being Mrs. Ram Kapoor.
But it turns out that Pihu is bringing Ram and Priya closer again. They need to go for a school admission for Pihu, and for this purpose, they need to work together. At the school that Priya wanted Pihu to go, Ram raises a number of questions and they step out of the school for now. And then in the parking lot, Pihu tells Priya that she wanted to go back to Dubai since Ram was so nice and happy, and now in Mumbai he is forever angry. Ram is very shocked by this and both of them decide that in front of Pihu, they will not argue or do something like that.

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