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Friday, October 12, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - High drama at the wedding, Adi calls of the wedding

A few episodes back, the serial revealed the reason for the anger that Avantika felt for her ex-husband Harish. She had seen a document related to an abortion, and because of that, she left him because he was having an affair with somebody else, and this is the tension that continued between them, and which probably made her so bitter for such a long time. And this news will come out a time that is most inopportune, and so it did, at the occasion of the festivites related to the marriage of their son, Aditya, with Latika.
At the mehendi ceremony where Pankhuri had tried to get the family together, including even getting Avantika and Harish to do a dance together, tempers flared between them, with an angry Harish telling Avantika about how she always felt that she was right, and that she was the one who moved away from him, which led to the separation. Eventually, this provoked Avantika enough that she revealed the secret about why she had moved out, because Harish had an affair. Before Harish could say too much more about this further, Adi had got angry enough about the fight between them that he declared that he did not want to get married because if this how a marriage is like, he did not want to get married.
This shocked everybody, but the ceremony was now over. After some time, Adi decided that he wanted to know the truth, and went to Harish's house to find out the truth, but Harish refused to provide any more details. If there was indeed not an affair, then one probable reason was that Harish was covering up for somebody else who was close, and even now, after so many years, he would not want to reveal any more details of what had happened.

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