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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Shyaam finally exposed to Anjali

The serial just ended up one of its mechanisms for showing villains and drama. Till now, the serial used to be able to spend a significant amount of time showing something or the other that Shyaam used to do and the impact of those actions. So, Shyaam was the one who was trying different methods of killing Anjali earlier, he was the one who was trying to get married to Khushi while married to Anjali, he was the one who had kidnapped Arnav, he was the one who came back into the house through the method of creating a drama by harming Anjali and then pretending that he was the one who could support Anjali.
The biggest mistake he did was to allow Arnav to see that there were cameras hidden inside the house, and towards that end, Arnav and Khushi were then able to see inside Shyam's laptop while keeping Shyam busy elsewhere, and there they were able to see something that made them very angry. They knew that Shyam could do anything, but in the videos, they were able to see that Shyaam was the one who did a sequence of steps that lead to Anjali falling down and losing her baby, and this knowledge horrified them. They could not leave Anjali in the company of Shyam after that and it was necessary that Anjali got to know the truth.
So, they found a occasion and decided to do a drama, and in the middle of the drama, started indicating what had happened and then showed the video clips that proved that there was a lot done to harm Anjali and her baby; and this together with the overall drama somehow caused Shyam to burst out the truth about what he had done. And this finally led Anjali to believe that Shyam was the main culprit and she slapped him.

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