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Friday, February 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Ram getting closer to Priya; Ayesha with Sid

Because of all the drama that happened with the kidnapping of Pihu, and the other problems that were affecting her (mostly orchestrated by Ayesha, and without Ram being able to figure out what is wrong and at one stage, even being convinced that Ayesha was trying her best), Priya decided that she wanted to get Pihu back from the Kapoor mansion, and even more, deciding that Dubai was the best for Pihu and that she would return back to Dubai. This was very problematic for Ram as well, since after being contact with Pihu for so many months now, he is very distressed at the fact that Pihu would no longer live with him, and in fact, would go back to Dubai.
Ram in the meantime has decided that he wants Priya back, but he also knows that Priya has accepted that his marriage has been to Ayesha now (and even more complicating, Ayesha is also Piya's sister, so it would be very hard for Priya to accept that she could ever think about breaking the marriage of Ram and Ayesha). Ram wants to take forward his plan, and as a part of that, he asks Vikram and Neha to have a proper re--marriage, and that too in style, since that would give a lot of time for Ram to spend time with Priya and get her to re-consider her anger towards him.
The serial has also shown Sid back in the scene, and also shown that he had not gone, since Ayesha would meet him from time time on the sly; but Sid is in a bad way, with no money and living in bad conditions. Ayesha does not like it, and neither does Sid, but until her can get some money back from the family, that is not going to happen; but if he does come in front of Ram, Ram will get him arrested and jailed, so he cannot just appear in front of everybody, so he just advises Ayesha on what to do, but the serial is showing Ayesha to be quite dumb, not able to do smart things.
So, finally the day of the marriage. Rajat, in a plan with Vikram and Neha, gets Ram to lay his hands on another lady, and when she accuses Ram of molestation, Ram is very hurt since he would never do such a thing. At this time, Piya is provoked and decides to speak up for Ram and defends him properly. Then, Ayesha tries to drug Ram so that it would seem that Ram and Ayesha were intimate, but the plan backfires with Priya drinking the drugged drink. Ram takes her to a room where she can rest (since she complains of tiredness), and then the inevitable happens (where Ram and Priya spend the night in the room, although this time the serial does not show any intimacy that it had shown earlier). Priya is very hurt when she wakes up, although Ram does his best to convince her that she has not done anything wrong.

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