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Friday, July 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Sanchi being very jealous at Jagya's birthday celebration

The birthday celebration of Jagya is the focus of the ongoing episodes. Ganga has spent a lot of effort on preparing for the birthday, getting the entire house decorated with balloons, cooking some special dishes, and so on. It seems pretty clear that she is putting all her love in this preparation, although she has met some resistance from Sumitra. Ever since Sanchi poisoned the mind of Sumitra by claiming that it was Ratan Singh (the husband of Ganga) who was behind the attempt on the life of Jagya, Sumitra started feeling ill towards Ganga, and was more irritated at whatever Ganga would do.
In the meantime, Sanchi was preparing for the visit to Jagya's house. The family had decided that they would use the occasion of Jagya's birthday to talk to the family about the relation between Sanchi and Jagya, with some of them hoping that Jagya will decline, and that will put a stop to Sanchi getting totally love struck towards Jagya. They come in when the first part of the function is happening.
The surprise in the house happened when Jagya came in. As soon as he came in from the hospital, he saw the whole house covered in balloons, and also saw that there was a beautiful posted in front that had photos from his childhood and so on. He then took respects of all the family members and got some good gifts from all of them. When asked about who had done all the preparations, Dadisa was all praise for Ganga, something which irritated Sumitra, especially when this praise was repeated again.
Separately, Ganga gave a small hand made purse to Jagya, more like a mobile phone cover. He took it and started using it, and there was a cute moment between them due to the presence of Mannu, who caused both Jagya and Ganga to almost come into contact with each other. Jagya also told Ganga that she was wrong to not give the gift in front of others, after all, it was not the cost of the gift that counted, it was the feeling behind it.
Soon after, Sanchi came in, and embarrassed everybody by hugging Jagya tightly, something which shocked everybody around, especially since this was still a conservative family. Jagya managed to handle the situation, and so on. They all gave a gift to Jagya, but Sanchi later give a separate gift to Jagya, a red jacket. Jagya was uncomfortable, and Anandi had already told Sanchi that Jagya did not like such bright colors, but she was not expected to listen, and she did not. Finally when Sanchi pushed, Jagya said that he would wear it later, but he refused to wear it on that occasion.
Then the hospital staff did a skit in front of Jagya, with Ganga also taking a part in that skit. Sanchi was very jealous of the attention that Jagya was paying to the skit, and interrupted it midway with an announcement, and this was the end.

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