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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The focus is on the story of Ram

For some time now, the story has been focusing on the oncoming story of Lord Ram. For some time now, Mahadev and Narayana both have been telling the story that the end of Ravana will come at the hands of a human, but that human will be special, being the epitome of maryada, dharma and everything that is good. He will be the person who will show a new character to the world, a person of incredible character and good, set an example to the world. This will be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of Ram. So there are a number of episodes that deal with this story, but the story still does not seem stretched, nor does it really feel that somebody is giving a moral lecture. So far the serial has managed to give a story that is not stretched.
Ravana is getting all powerful, comfortable in the knowledge that the gods and even the trimurti of Brahma, Narayanan and Mahadev cannot slay him because of the boon he has got from Brahma that prevents any of them from killing him. The boon however had a loophole, whereby Ravana considered humans so weak that he had not included humans in his boon, and hence Narayanan will take birth as a human to kill him. Ravana gets to know that a human is going to be born to kill him, and tries to find out from his grandfather about who is the person, but his grandfather only tells him that Queen Kaushalaya will be the mother of the child. Ravana tries to kill Kaushalya, but Lord Ganesh saves her from the water and puts her back near her palace.  And then Mahadev does a number of acts where he goes to the kings Dashratha (father of Ram) and Janak (future of Sita) and tells them that they will be graced with children who will be world famous and they will be fortunate to have such children. Janak is able to recognize that it is Mahadev who has come to offer him the advice and suggestions. In the case of Dashratha, Mahadev pays multiple visits, before the birth of Ram and then after the birth (he wanted to go this form of Narayanan where he was a baby and those were some cute scenes). King Dashratha does not recognize him but his guru is able to do so.
Then, in another scene, Mahadev again comes and warns Dashratha about his passion than become a compulsion, warning him against his quest for deer hunting (the king was very accomplished, just on the basis of his hearing, he could place an arrow inside the deer accurately). But the king does not listen to this stranger and goes hunting. And then he mistakenly understands the sound of Shravan filling his pot for that a deer who is drinking, and shoots Shravan in a life-threatening blow. The king is horrified that he has killed Shravan and goes before his blind parents, and tells them about what he has done. They refuse to forgive him, instead telling him that they are relinquishing their lives, but just as they are dying pining for their son, the same fate will come to King Dashrath. 

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