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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Mohan leaves everything as part of a deal with Addu

The serial is on its way to take another shift. After a long time the serial showed everything happy, and you know that it would be too good to last. Already there has been a lot of feedback from viewers that they really appreciate only the main pair of Megha and Mohan, and everybody else was not getting the desired attraction from the viewers. So the makers of the serial decided to do a shift and changed things around, such that the focus will again be on the pair of Mohan and Megha. So there will be none or less shown of Beera, Navika, etc.
Daddaji has been caught and a number of children who have currently been kidnapped are rescued from several warehouses that are controlled by Daddaji, and the whole item has been shown on television as well. In addition, Beera has played a stellar role in all this, which reduces the hurt that Navika faced when she learned that all her faith in Beera was not correct, that in fact, he was whatever Mohan had described. He was actually acting on behalf of Daddaji earlier, but this was only temporary, since when he learnt that Daddaji and Addu were both criminals, he tried to stop them and get them arrested by the police.
When Megha confronts Addu and tells him that she knows who he was, but that he is no longer her son because of what all he has done and what he has become, things change for Addu. He has an emotional scene with Megha, but she wants him to repent for what he has done, and to earn the respect and forgiveness of his mother, and only then will he be worthy of her love and role as a mother.
However, even while things are changing in this respect, he takes an action that viewers of the serial would not have expected, and makes the serial even more serious. During a journey where the entire family was going to enjoy and relax, Addu has a few words with Mohan where he tells Mohan that his entire life so far was centered on hatred towards Mohan. It seems like that has not been completed, since he tells Mohan that he wants Mohan to leave the family and leave in such a way that they will forget about him in some time (in fact he tells Mohan that Addu will handle the family in such a way that they will totally forget about him in some time); Mohan wants Megha to get her son back and away from his criminal past and is even willing to follow the condition set by Addu. He takes a wistful look at the family when they are all enjoying and having fun, and sets out - although he is intercepted by Megha and Rimjhim.
The serial will apparently have a time leap of around 2 years where Mohan has disappeared, apparently fallen over a cliff, and Megha moves away to Mumbai for a new life. She even meets somebody who is similar to Mohan but she soon realizes that this is not Mohan, but just somebody who looks like him. The serial is apparently set to get much more serious from now on.

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