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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Giving words of wisdom to Ravana, and marriage of Ganesh

It's always very interesting to see what is happening with respect to 2 different stories ongoing in the serial, and it is happening right now. There is the big story of the marriage of Ganesh that has to happen in the serial, and with the girls that he rescued from an asura when she was going to the ashram for his education along with Karthikeyan. So, when Mahadev and Parvathi were very happy that Ganesh and Karthikeyan were coming back from their education, at that time, the prajapati comes in with his daughter Riddhi and Siddhi and says that he wants their marriage with Ganesh. Both Mahadev and Parvathi are fine with this proposal but want to talk to Ganesh before they agree to the marriage.
At the same time there is a quest ongoing in Lanka. Ravan has stopped becoming a devotee of Mahadev over his refusal to come back from Lanka along with Ravan, and started on the route to adharm. He started mistreating humans and also asked his brother Kumbhkaran to assist him in the same. He wanted humans to build a huge new city for him, and in the end, gave them attractions to ensure that they were not scared of him anymore and did the work willingly. But when the things were done in the end, he wanted to get rid of them.
At this, when the asuras were attacking the humans, Mahadev left Kailash at the time of the marriage discussions to stop the attack on the humans. He reached there and stopped the first round of the asuras, and even stopped Kumbhkaran when she made an attack on the humans. In between he also encouraged the humans to not take anything lying down, and stand up for the rights, not just be willingly killed by the asuras, and showed by example.
And then finally Ravana came there to do the fighting, but then recognized that Mahadev was there in a human form, and Mahadev tool his real form. There was some discussion where Ravana taunted Mahadev about coming to Lanka, but not when Ravana wanted him to come. However, Mahadev gave him an education about the true respects of a devotee and how not to be arrogant, but Ravana did not really listen. Mahadev also told him he could be a very good leader, but in his current path, he is going down the wrong path and could lead to problems for himself and also for the asura clan.
He finally issues another warning to Ravana and then comes back from there, and then the wedding ceremony of Ganesh with Riddhi and Siddi took place (I was wondering whether they would show Ganesh getting married to both of them, since getting married to 2 ladies was a bit controverisla).

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