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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Sasural Simar Ka - Jhumki made to drink alcohol to reveal truth

For some days and weeks now, the serial has been showing Jhumki in the serial, preventing Khushi and Veeru from grabbing the house and property after the death of Roli. With Roli dead, the property will go back to Veeru, and it is the acting of Jhumki as Roli which is preventing this from happening. On an earlier deadline, Simar and Prem had found Jhumki and persuaded her to come with them and make sure that the household remains in the hands of the Bhardwarj family. However, both Veeru and Khushi were sure that this was some kind of plot, since Roli was indeed dead, and how could it be that there was Roli again. Now all their quest was to show that this was not Roli, and that it was somebody else.
Things were more complicated, since Jhumki had to be taught all the habits and customs of Roli, and some of them were more difficult, such as being one of the earliest to get up and do morning stuff for the household. Another major problem was that nobody else in the house knew that this was not Roli, but Jhumki, and hence were trying to push her back to Siddharth, so that they could resume their normal marital relationship. This was making Jhumpi very nervous, since she knew that she was not married to Siddharth, and hence was trying to stay away from Sid, and he was also confused. Prem and Simar would keep on coming back again and again to prevent this from happening. Finally Siddhart also got to know, and he was also hurt on knowing this.
In the meantime, Khushi was forever on the quest to ensure that she could get the secret of Jhumki revealed, and would try numerous stuff. She would try and get Jhumki to revert back to her natural way of speaking, which was very different from Roli; she even prepared food with a lot of chillies so that Jhumki would feel a horrid taste and would express her feelings, but Jhumki got to know and somehow got Khushi to eat the food first, and it was Khushi who suffered this. On another occasion, Jhumki was supposed to do one performance with the dance group of whom she was a member, but khushi managed to persuade the family to go there and see her. Jhumki got to know, and was able to prevent this disaster from happening.
Finally, it was almost time for Veeru and Khushi to be thrown out of the house, and they did their final attempt. They managed to get Khumki to drink alcohol and she got drunk, and started speaking about everything in front of everybody. Khushi was very happy, claiming that this was the truth of Jhumki, not Roli, and with the lawyer there, it was clear to everybody that the property and house would go to Khushi and Veeru and the family would have to leave. What will happen next ? 

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