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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Mahadev spares Ravan for now, after being reminded of fate

The serial is moving towards the end of a Yuga, with a new Yuga going to happen soon. The focus of the serial right now is on Ravana and his misdeeds. Inspite of having been warned by Mahadev to do good and not do adharma, Ravan is on the path of trying to fly higher and higher. He goes to a place for getting some new powers, and there he meets Mandodari and falls for he. He proposes marriage to her, and her father and she both are very happy at this, since Ravana is such a powerful and great man. However, Mandodari had a bit of a shock, she agreed so quickly to the marriage since she was a devotee of Mahadev, and she always thought Ravan was the greatest devotee of Mahadev, but Ravana breaks that thought of her and tells her that he is no longer a devotee of Mahadev.
Ravan is out on his pushpak viman, which crash lands at a place, and he soon sees this yogini called Vedvati, and seeing her beauty, he wants to possess her. She quickly gets to know his background and history on the basis of her powers and scolds him for coming after her even though he has just recently got married. However, he does not listen and touches her hand. In the meantime Mahadev gets up in anger since he can see what is happening, and on the other hand, Lakshmiji is very disturbed at what is happening to Vedvati although Vishnu tells her that she cannot stop what is happening.
Vedvati tells Ravana that because of his touching her, when she had not wished it, she was now impure and there was no other alternative for her than to seek death. Ravana is mystified, and then suddenly Mahadev appears there. He tries to stop Vedvati, but she tells him that this is now her fate, with her being the reason for the death of Ravana, and converts herself to a pile of ashes. Mahadev starts shaking with fury with Ravana getting scared, and is in the process of throwing his Tridev when Narayana comes there with the other trimuti and their consorts, and stops him from doing so, reminding him that Ravana is his gate-keeper and he cannot disturb fate.
All attempt to mollify Mahadev, and then he relates the story. At some time in the past, there were 2 people, Jay and Vijay, who had stopped Brahma's sons from visiting Narayan, and they were cursed for this. Vishnuji gave them 2 alternatives where they could either be with him for 7 births of being his bhakata and then would be sent to earth, or they could be killed by Narayana three times in 3 births, and so was the story of Hiranakashyap, then Narayanan followed by Shishupal. Finally Mahadev tells Parvathi that if he had indeed killed Ravana, then he would be disturbing fate.
Finally, the family splits from Kailash. Karthikeyan is to go south, Ganesh to go west, Parvathi to go east. Mahadev would be born in the form of Hanuman. Narayana tells them that once Mahadev and Parvathi step down from Kailash, there it would be Yugantar, the birth of a new age. And so it happens. But in the meantime, Ravana is trying to determine from his grandfather as to who would be responsible for his death, but all he can find out is that the mother of the person who would kill him is Kaushalya.

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