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Monday, July 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Ovi is back from Canada for a divorce

This remains a highly complicated family. Things are never as convoluted in the life of a normal person or family as they are in this family depicted in the serial. Currently Ovi has finally decided to give a divorce to Arjun. For a long time she struggled with the obvious connection between Arjun and Purvi, but after she got to know about Pari being the daughter of Arjun and Purvi (and the time in which there was an attempt to hide this connection), she was even more frustrated, unable to spend time with Pari after that. Even though her own sister Teju asked her about why she was unable to spend time with Pari and what was the fault of Pari in all this; Ovi was clear that she cannot do any of this. Finally, they showed Ovi missing from the serial for quite some time, apparently gone back to Canada (the actress playing the role was wondering whether there she is there in the serial at all after all this).
On the other hand you have the story of Soham and Manav. Soham believes that he has made a major transformation in his life, given up everything wrong and should be accepted by his father Manav. However Manav has seen a lot being done wrong by Soham in his role of Vishnu (inspired by Balan who was bringing him up to be a thug and a villain). However, he still has a rough edge to his life and this rough edge causes problems even now. For example when Archana was coming back from the hospital, he was trying to arrange a celebration in the house and the fireworks he was doing caused a problem to a lady in the chawl, and all this fighting and arguing finally causes more tension between Manav and Soham and Soham getting more distanced from Manav. However, he is close to some others in the house and is even spending some time with Ovi, trying to provide some support to her in her struggles, being her elder brother.
The impending relationship between Soham and Gauri is providing some support to the serial, since there is no other romance ongoing in the serial. There needs to be a romantic element, else everything is very depressing with so many random twists and turns in the story.
Ovi does not really want to meet Arjun because she feels that because of their very long relationship and friendship prior to their marriage, connections between them and so on, and comes to his house only when he is not there and returns his wedding ring. However, she does go to meet DK and tells him that even though the marriage with his son is over, she wants to ensure that her relationship with DK remains, and he tells her that she is true, that she will remain like his daughter.
Arjun and Purvi even run into Ovi at a restaurant, but they do not acknowledge each other, and Ovi turns her head when Arjun waves to her. Finally they move away from the restaurant and do not meet each other during this whole time.

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