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Monday, July 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Ram currently with Rishi Vishwamitra

The serial keeps on gathering admirers, primarily because unlike other religious or mythological serials, it does not try to get into preaching mode or gets too loud or colorful. Seeing the serial, I am reminded of the first Mahabharta serial that used to come on TV ages ago, and which had captured a huge chunk of viewer attention (although viewers did not have too many choices that time). In the serial, the advice offered by the gods is not in a preaching mode, but instead is offered with an explanation and is topical (for example, right now the serial talks about people in a forest resisting a yagna in a forest, and is linked to the development needs of people in the forest; this can be questioned, but atleast there is an attempt to explain the reasons for the same and at the same time, makes sense). The other important item they show is that in the case of many asuras, they do not show them as pure evil, but try to give an explanation of what the asura was wanting, and why it is wrong.
Currently the serial is moving through the story of Ram in a fast mode (since the serial is about Mahadev, they cannot show the serial in an elongated stretch only about Ram). Due to the curse on Raja Dashrath when he killed Shravan by mistake, Dashrath is very hesitant about allowing Ram out of his sight, and the normal practise of the son of the king going to the ashram of the patron guru of the king was not done. However, finally Mahadev managed to use some sense of force to get Ram and Laxman out of the royal palace and into proper education and the use of arms; he got Rishi Vishramitra to go to the king and ask the king for help in ensuring that his yagnas take place without interruption by various asuras. When the king found out that the Rishi wanted his son, he was bound to refuse although he had already pledged to provide the Rishi whatever help he wanted. It was only when the Rishi got angry that Dashrath allowed Ram and Laxman to go with the Rishi to his ashram where they could get the required education.
There Ram and Laxman grew up and got the required education and training that they needed. Finally they were ready to confront Tarka, a warrior asura lady who had got gifts from the gods and was powerful. She and other asuras over there would prevent anybody from doing yagnas in the forest or otherwise exploit the forest; while the Rishi wanted to do a yagna over there. He asked Ram to kill Tarka when she appeared to stop the Rishi, although Ram was hesitant to kill a lady; at which point his Guru scolded him and then Parvathi appeared to tell him about his duty, and not to get into the concept of whether he should care whether the enemy is a lady or a man. Finally Ram is there when his Guru starts his Yagna, tells Tarka to back off so that she has a chance to withdraw without getting killed, but finally in the confrontation, he shoots an arrow in her chest and kills her.

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