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Friday, July 12, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Mohan finally out of jail, but Rimjhim gets to know about her adoption

It is right now a no holds barred fight between Mohan and Munna. Munna has been determined to ensure that Mohan is punished for what he did earlier in life to Munna and will go to any lengths for the same. In earlier attempts he once threatened Mohan over Rimjhim, and another time tried to get a car to run over him. In some of these cases where there was some problems, Beera played a big role in helping Mohan and Navika, and even brought them together by showing Navika how her constant statements of step-father was causing her to be distant from Mohan. This finally brought them together again.
Things got more confusing when Navika realized that she also loved Beera and agreed to get married to him although by that time Beera told her that he was frustrated at having to wait for so long, and was not sure. However, finally they agree to a marriage, but at the last minute, due to some conversations involving Munna and Ragini, Mohan realized that Beera was actually committing a fraud on them for taking revenge for whatever was done to Daddaji. Mohan hence refused to agree to the marriage right at the time of the actual rituals, but Navika managed to make him agree by telling him that she had full faith on Beera and that he would not betray her for anything.
However, at the same time, there was another drama going on. Munna was planning a further attack on Mohan and managed to persuade the real Munna's grandmother (living with Mohan as Addu) that her real child had been taken away by Mohan and got the police to come and arrest Mohan for child kidnapping. Things got more complicated, when Beera was told by Daddaji that the only way to get Mohan out of prison was by Beera telling Navika the truth about his intentions behind the marriage. By this time, Beera had turned good and in love with Navika, and for getting Mohan out of prison, he went and told Navika everything. She was shocked at what had happened.
However, getting Mohan out of jail was not so easy. While his bail proceedings were going on in court, there was the need to get the hospital doctor to testify that Addu was with for them 10 years, and finally, though Munna tried to shoot the doctor, Beera prevented him from doing that the doctor's testimony got Mohan bail and out of jail. However, by this time Navika was furious at Beera that he had done this to her and did not know that he was now really good.
At Daddaji's home, Beera tells Daddaji that he had done this since this was the condition for telling Navika the truth, and then Munna reveals that Daddaji actually used to kidnap small children and pass them on, and Daddaji also confirms this. Both Beera and Ragini were shocked at this, and Beera decides to leave although Ragini refuses to leave along with him.
The other important stuff that happens is that it gets revealed that Rimjhim was the adopted daughter of Mohan, and not his real daughter. She is shocked at this, and since Addu was taken away by his grandmother, she asks Mohan whether her real family would come and take her away.

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