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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade acche Lagte Hain - An accident in which Ram and Priya are impacted

The serial is waiting to unveil a 20 year timeleap again, and the way it goes on right now, it would seem that the situation before the leap would show Ram and Piya separated and separated for a long period of time. For the past few episodes, the serial has been showing a situation where there is growing tension between Ram and Priya. Ram is running into a lot of tension due to the situation with his family, whereby Nuts does not believe in him anymore and believes that Priya was the one who caused all this problem. Further, his own brother Rishabh has now started treating him like a step-brother and wants to lead a separate life, with his own responsibilities and his own life and also keeping Ram at a distance. Ram also starts taunting Priya that she will always assume the mantle of being right and giving him a lecture all the time on what is right and what is wrong. Further, Priya and Somya try to show Rishab the truth and hence Somya is playing a drama, but things become clear to everybody, which makes Rishabh very angry with Soumya and Ram very angry with Priya (and all these items are not supposed to do anything to lower her tension, apparently very necessary in the current state of her pregnancy). Things are going from bad to worse and even Neha and Vikram are unable to really make things better. So they setup a plan where they get both Ram and Priya (along with Pihu) on the same flight, the flight to Singapore where hopefully they will forget about their differences and reconcile to each other.
So, Natasha wants a divorce from Karthik. Even though she believes that she still loves him a lot, she was very hurt over the situation when Karthik was recovering from his coma and coming out of the coma, and seemed to respond to touching from Jhanvi rather than Natasha, which hurt her terribly. Since she now realizes that maybe Karthik is actually more interested in Jhanvi than her, and hence she decides to go for a separation and divorce from Karthik although he pleads with her not to do this.
So, Neha and Vikram setup a plan whereby Neha tries a ladies holiday to Singapore (apparently she is fit enough to travel on a plane even though in pregnancy, many doctors do not easily agree to let their patients travel for long distances) while Vikram talks about a necessary meeting in Singapore, and both of them get them on the plane (and switch off their mobile phones so that Ram and Priya cannot call them and complain about what they have done). However, the ice between the two has not yet melted, and then everybody in India gets to know that the plane has crashed. And they show both Ram and Priya in wounded positions in the aftermath of the plane crash, lying on the ground, with plane debris and other people lying around them. Will they be now separated for 20 years ? Given that it is a Balaji serial, this is very much possible.

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